Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Five Questions For Super Bowl Media Day

With today being media day at the Super Bowl -- in truth every day is media day at the Super Bowl -- here are five questions that may be asked of either the New Orleans Saints, the Indianapolis Colts or someone in south Florida:

1. Hey, Are You Going To Sign Julius Peppers?

It's clear he's going to land someplace other than with the Carolina Panthers. The Saints are doing fine without him but what if Pep signs with another NFC South team and spends the rest of his career playing like he's worth $20 million a season?

2. Is That David Caruso?

Can't be. He's not wearing sunglasses.

3. Are All The Beautiful People At South Beach This Week?

No, not all. Just most of them.

4. How Many Times Will TV Show Us Kim Kardasian On Sunday?

According to Vegas odds (there will actually be some people who bet on this), the over-under on shots of Reggie Bush's photogenic girlfriend is set at 2.5. And you thought people just watched the game for the commericials.

5. Has It Really Been Six Years Since The Panthers Were In The Super Bowl?

Yes. It just seems longer.

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