Thursday, February 4, 2010

Five Reasons Not To Expand The NCAA Tournament

With growing discussion about the possibility of the men's NCAA basketball championship tournament being expanded to perhaps more than 90 teams, here are five reasons why it's the worst idea since the abolition of jump balls:

1. There's Nothing Wrong With The Tournament Now

You've probably heard this before -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

2. Northwestern Might Get In

The Wildcats have never qualified for the tournament in the 70 years it has been played and, while it probably makes the Chicago winter feel even colder, there's something to be said for putting a value on playing your way in. Don't lower the bar.

3. What About Football?

They can't find a way to create a football playoff but can add another set of games to the men's basketball tournament? What about all the class time that will be missed (wink, wink)? What about the fans (as if that has ever mattered?).

Until there is a real football playoff, the men's basketball tournament should be off limits to tinkering.

4. Forget Cinderella

Proponents of the expanded tournament like to talk about the potential for smaller programs to steal the nation's heart with their run through March. It's not going to happen. Cinderellas in the tournament are two things -- rare and overrated.

5. Office Pools

It's already enough trouble filling out the bracket the way it is. Adding games just adds to the process. Do we really want to look up Fordham or Sam Houston State when we're making our picks? Spare us.


Ghoul said...

I think they shouldexpand the toutnament, in fact they should allow all Division I schools into the tournament. They should start with a round robin style to whittle down the contenders, each team should play the other schools in their conference, and a few out of conference as well. Now to accomplish this we will need to expand the tournament out of March, I say we start it in early November with the teams playing some games on their home court and some at the opponents court.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Guess how the Charlotte 49ers play this Saturday!

The O is worthless.