Monday, February 8, 2010

What About Manning's Brett Favre Moment?

Five observations from a sports weekend that was better for most of us than it was for Warren Sapp:

1. Playing To Win Even if you were pulling for the Indianapolis Colts (which put you among about 15 percent of fans, it seems), you had to admire the way the Saints went about winning the Super Bowl. They didn't play the odds. They played to win. Fans will take that every time. Almost.

2. Peyton's Brett Favre Moment

You know what the reaction would be had Brett Favre thrown the Super Bowl-losing pick-six that Peyton Manning threw Sunday night. There would be outrage and cries for his guaranteed spot in the Hall of Fame to be taken away.

But how will Manning be treated?

There was all that pre-game talk about how he would study the Saints' defense, figure it out and be at his best late in the game. It didn't happen that way.

The Saints' on-side kick to start the second half was stunning but not much more than the Peyton pick that essentially ended the game.

3. It's Duke-North Carolina Week One side is very excited about Wednesday night in Chapel Hill. You can probably figure out which one.

4. Maybe They'll Change The Name To DANICAR
Danica Patrick, who has never finished worse than sixth in her stock car racing career, will make her NASCAR debut Saturday in the Nationwide Series race at Daytona. You'll probably hear a little more about that this week.

5. The Best Golfer In The World Not Named Tiger Woods
That would be Steve Stricker.

In winning the Northern Trust Open in Los Angeles on Sunday, Stricker -- perhaps the nicest man in professional sports -- jumped Phil Mickelson to take over the second spot in the world golf rankings. That means Stricker is now the best active professional golfer in the world.

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Anonymous said...

The reason Peyton will be treated better than Favre is that he's a better person. Favre could not possibly care about anything but himself. That's why he keeps retiring and then un-retiring after training camp ends. He thinks he's above training camps and OTAs. Manning is about the team. About the only time Peyton has ever glorified himself is in that one Sprint commercial a few years ago when he had that fake mustache and talked about liking Peyton Manning with his rocket arm. Did you notice what Peyton said in the post-game presser after he was pulled early in their 15th game? "There was no quarterback-head coach argument of any kind" - a clear shot at Favre after he went all 5-year-old on his coach when he almost got pulled in the Minnesota-Carolina game.

I also hated Favre's attitude when he was still in Green Bay. He did nothing to help Aaron Rodgers develop and said that wasn't his job. Most players in their late 30s recognize their career will soon be over and will lend a hand to the up-and-comers. But again, Favre cares only about himself.