Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top 5 irritating trends in sports

Five irritating trends in sports that need to change quickly, before I throw the remote control through the wall:

1. Basketball timeouts. Does each team get about 12 or so? Each half? Must every final minute be possession, time out, free throw, time out, time out? It kills crescendo.

2. Halftime interviews in college football. Wake me when a coach leaving the field doesn't utter about nine cliches strung together.

3. Football pregame crowd. Do networks really need five guys "analyzing"? One good one would suffice.

4. High-fiving after a missed free throw. Hey, I'm all for encouragement, but slap the guy's hand when he MAKES one. It's cheapening the dap.

5. Fans complaining about TV times. Starts too late. Ends in the wee hours. They cut it short because of rain. Stop whining, the networks pay big money and have control. Admit it, if it's a sport you love, you'll watch it whenever.

-- Cliff Mehrtens


What things about sports irritate you? Post your thoughts in the comments section below. Don't irritate us by saying the O List. We know who you are ...


Anonymous said...

I agree with #1. I went to a division II game the other nite. No media timeouts in division II. Watched a great game, and it was over in 90 minutes. sweet.

Anonymous said...

If Cliff Mehrtens doesn't uynderstand the importance of basketball timeouts, he obviously does not understand the game.

DapKing said...

I can't stand the dap after the throws. Even after they hit 'em. Ban dap at the line!

Thanks for the Assist said...

A non-TV related Irritation observation: I've come to expect this from the pros and collegian "it's-all-about-me" crowd but a recent high schooler noted in the Observer, "I knew someone had to step up and make a play..I didn't make a lot of shots tonight but I made the most important one in the end." A tad irritating to this old schooler...would like to see a bit less "ME" and a bit more "WE"! Tennis and golf, on the other hand, are great individual sports.

Anonymous said...

Some others:

* Posing while hitting a home run.
* Any celebration done by a football player whose team is down by 20 points or more
* Chest-bumping. Can we just go back to the forearm bash?
* And while Cliff lists fans complaining about starting times, I still say the starting times are more irritating.