Thursday, March 12, 2009

All-time starting five: Clemson

The O List's all-time starting five for Clemson basketball:

Terrell McIntyre (1995-99): Considered the best point guard in Clemson history. Nicknamed 'Boogie,' McIntyre (above) is the school's career leader in multiple categories.

Jim Sutherland (1964-67): He was the key player in the '60s when the Tigers had consecutive winning seasons in ACC play, something they didn't do again until the past two seasons.

Horace Grant (1983-87): Consensus ACC player of the the year in '86-87 when he led the league in scoring, rebounding and field goal percentage. Grant (left) was named to the ACC's top 50 athletes of all time.

Dale Davis (1987-1991): The first basketball player inducted into Clemson's Ring of Honor. Also, Davis (above left) is one of three ACC players with at least 1,500 points, 1,200 rebounds and 200 blocked shots (joining Mike Gminski and Ralph Sampson).

Tree Rollins (1973-77): He was one of the league's dominant big men whose mere presence on the court changed the game. Still ranks as the ACC's fifth-leading rebounder of all time.

-- Ron Green Jr.


Think the O List is crazy for leaving someone out? Tell us who you'd add, and, just to make it interesting, who you would replace from our list. Put your thoughts in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Larry Nance was the leader of the only CU team to make the elite 8. He also was the most successful Tiger in the NBA. Sutherland was only an OK player on a better than average team.

Anonymous said...

Why no Skip Wise?

Anonymous said...

What about Butch Zetazlo?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you are doing it by position, but I would put Greg Buckner over McIntyre if it is just the top 5 players.

Pete said...

Elden Campbell?