Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Carolinas Mount Rushmore: NASCAR in S.C.

ESPN is naming its "Mount Rushmore" for sports in each of the 50 states. We liked the idea, so we're taking a smaller sliceh. Today, the Mount Rushmore of NASCAR for South Carolina.

David Pearson: "The Silver Fox" won 105 races and won the championship pretty much every time he really tried. Pearson (above) and Richard Petty had the greatest rivalry in NASCAR history and one of the all-time greatest in all sports.

Cale Yarborough: Drove every lap like his car was on fire and he needed to find water. He was the first driver to win three straight titles. Nobody ever drove with more determination that Yarborough (above).

Harold Brasington: People openly mocked the idea of building a 1.3-mile paved track in 1950. Brasington (above) didn't care. He built it anyway and made Darlington a synonym for racing. His track is still one of the best tests of a driver's skill.

Buck Baker: Although Charlotte was considered his racing hometown, Baker (above) was born in Richburg, S.C. One of the sport's first great champion, his grit and determination also helped foster a great career for his son Buddy.

-- David Poole

Disagree? Think we left someone out? Tell us in the comments below who you'd add, and which of our picks yours should replace.

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