Thursday, March 12, 2009

All-time starting five: Duke

The O List's all-time starting five for Duke basketball:

Johnny Dawkins (1983-86): Mike Krzyzewski’s first big-time recruit was named national player of the year in 1986, when he led the Blue Devils to the NCAA championship game as a senior. Dawkins (above) also was a first-team All-American as a junior and is the school’s second-leading career scorer with 2,556 points.

Jason Williams (2000-02): In his third and final season in 2002, Williams (above) was the consensus national player of the year and led the Blue Devils to an NCAA title. He scored 2,079 points in just three seasons.

Art Heyman (1961-63): His best season included national player of the year and most outstanding player at the Final Four honors in 1963, followed by a No. 1 pick in the NBA draft. Heyman (right) averaged 25.1 points per game over three seasons.

Christian Laettner (1989-92): A member of four Final Four teams, including two NCAA champions, Laettner is the NCAA Tournament’s career scoring leader with 407 points. Laettner (left) was the national player of the year in 1992.

Mike Gminski (1977-80): Named ACC player of the year as a junior and first-team All-American as a senior. He led Duke to the NCAA championship game as a sophomore.

-- Ken Tysiac


Think the O List is crazy for leaving someone out? Tell us who you'd add, and, just to make it interesting, who you would replace from our list. Put your thoughts in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

Hack Tison

Matt Privett said...

Williams led Duke to a title in his sophomore year. His final game in 2002 featured him missing free throws in an inexcusable loss to Indiana. It was great!!!

Dave said...

Bob Verga or Steve Vacendak or Gene Banks or Jim Spanarkle or Mike Gyminski (Sorry for any mis-spellings)

Anonymous said...

tate armstrong was onje of the great scoers in acc history and played on some bad teams or he would be on the list.

Anonymous said...

Hard to leave of the NCAA career assist leader Bobby Hurley.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Hurley
Grant Hill
Shane Battier
Elton Brand
J.J. Redick
Danny Ferry

All of these names are worthy as well, some more than the likes of G-Man or Heyman.

Anonymous said...

Duke's Top 5:

Johnny Dawkins
Jay Williams
Grant Hill
Christian Laetner

Anonymous said...


3 straight NCAA Defensive Player of the Year....National Title....graduated....Battier HAS to be on this list.

Grant Hill
Shane Battier
Art Heyman

Anonymous said...

Replace Hill or Heyman with Laettner and that list looks pretty good.

Anonymous said...

You could make an entire starting five of Duke National Player of the Year's who aren't even on the Observer's list:

Dick Groat: 1952 National POY
JJ Redick: 2006 National POY
Shane Battier: 2001 National POY
Danny Ferry: 1989 National POY
Elton Brand: 1999 National POY


Brian said...

Bobby Hurley, career NCAA Assist leader and starter on three Final Four teams and winner of two National Championships HAS to be on the list. As was already mentioned, Jay Williams didn't lead the team to the Championship his final year, he choked on the free throw line after making a miracle three to almost make up a four point deficit. He doesn't belong on the list over Hurley, despite his being a better player.

If you have to honor the 2001 team, you put Shane Battier on the list. It's hard to justify Battier over Heyman, but it's impossible to justify Jay Williams over Bobby Hurley.