Thursday, March 12, 2009

All-time starting five: Georgia Tech

The O List's all-time starting five for Georgia Tech basketball:

Mark Price G (1982-86): Tremendous shooter with the all-around game to go with it. Price (above), just 6-1, was a three-time all-ACC choice and the 1985 league’s top player. Averaged 36.5 minutes per game.

Roger Kaiser (1958-61): We’re going old school here, because Kaiser finished his career as a two-time all-American who owned 18 of GT’s 25 hoops records. A remarkable shooter who was ’61 SEC top player.

Dennis Scott (1987-90): The lynchpin of Lethal Weapon III, Scott (above) could fill it up from outside despite his 6-8 height. He was the 1990 ACC Player of the Year after averaging 27.7 ppg.

Matt Harpring (1994-98): At 6-8 and 225 pounds, Harpring (above) could score from the perimeter and bull around inside. Three-time all-ACC pick averaged 17.9 points and 8.0 rebounds for his career.

Rich Yunkus (1968-71): At 6-9, one of the early mobile centers. Yunkus could score at will on you, and finished his career with a 26.6 average, still the Yellow Jackets’ record.

—Stan Olson


Think the O List is crazy for leaving someone out? Tell us who you'd add, and, just to make it interesting, who you would replace from our list. Put your thoughts in the comments section below.

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misterglover said...

Tom Hammonds & Kenny Anderson gotta get some love too..IMO both deserve to make this list over Matt Harpring...