Monday, March 23, 2009

Davidson's Stephen Curry: Stay or go?

Should Davidson all-American guard Stephen Curry, now a junior, stay or should he go? The NBA will make him a certain first-round selection if he decides to take the money following this season, and that will mean millions of dollars. So we thought we would list the pros and cons of leaving early:

Five Reasons He Should Stay

5. No chance
to play Furman in the NBA.

4. Could end up
pushing his school-record points total to one zillion.

3. Davidson an easier commute
for Mom and Dad than Sacramento or Portland.

2. Will miss the melodious tones of Coach Bob McKillop’s practice screams.

1. These are the best years
of your life; just ask Adam Morrison, Sean May and J.J. Redick.

--Stan Olson

Five Reasons He Should Go

5. Five-star hotels,
not college apartments.

4. No need to play
point guard and shooting guard.

3. Mom and dad
can upgrade to watching opponents better than Southern Conference teams.

2. Mo’ money,
mo’ money, mo’ money.

1. Hanging with LeBron

--Cliff Mehrtens


jimbo said...

these ain't even funni.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid list.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this list is so inane. I am embarrassed for the Observer for being associated with it.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. There are REAL reasons to stay like uhm, getting an education so when the eventual injury or retirement from the NBA happens he can do something with himself. There are real reasons to go too, the 2010 draft is likely to be stronger and he might not go as high, OR (god forbid) he gets injured and at best gets pulled to D-league or second round. I'd say he should go pro, and finish his degree with summer courses at Davidson or UNCC (I'm informed that charlotte bobcats want him badly, and he works out with the team occasionally so he knows Larry's system.)

Matt & Christie said...

This is a perfect example for another article I read on this morning. It said that the Observer had to let go of staff and cut salaries. Now I see why. This list is ridiculous. Not funny. Not well written. It's just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Agree - stupid list's not funny.

I hope that he is smart enough to stay - and I think he is. It's about getting an education at one of the top universities in the country and the family/friendship with a college team. The NBA can't offer that. There will be time to be a pro later.

Here's hoping he does the right thing.

Anonymous said...

As a Davidson Grad, he should and probably will stay. Davidson students truly value their education, otherwise, they wouldn't choose one of the hardest schools in the country. Plus, wealth is not new to him. His father played in the NBA. There is no pressure on him to leave college in order to make money today.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a worthless list. Not even an attempt at any serious analysis of the question, and a pretty bad attempt at comedy.

Anonymous said...

No brainer here... Go pro and get paid. He seems to be a bright kid, I would assume he could come back and finish his degree in one offseason if he wanted to (already has 3 yrs done). If you're gauranteed a 1st round pick, that contract is gauranteed and you can't turn that down. Anyone that says they wouldn't go for the money while it's there is either lying or stupid.

Anonymous said...

"As a Davidson Grad, he should and probably will stay. Davidson students truly value their education..."

I say old chap, we Davidson Graduates ARE superior to the rest of the surplus population. Why in heaven's name would a young chap not want to remain at our tiny exclusive college? Good day sir!

Anonymous said...

Did this writer actually get paid to write this?

Anonymous said...

He would have to play the 1 and 2 if he played for the Bobcats. Just ask Ray Felton.

Anonymous said...

So let me say what any intelligent reader recognizes -- namely, Curry should stay; and Mehrtens should go -- go away ... forever and for always!

Anonymous said...

Please don't EVER compare Sean May's excuse of an NBA career to JJ's again, thanks.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a 5th grade homework assigment, done on the bus ride to school.


Anonymous said...

The Curry Family are all first class individuals. They place education above all else. He will do right thing. He will finish out his degree at Davidson. JC

CP3forMVP said...

I agree, this list isn't funny.

Anonymous said...

Yet everyone of you saw fit to not only read the article, but to comment on it. I'd say it hit the spot.

Anonymous said...

This move for Curry should be a no-brainer, even for a Davidson student. Make the jump to the NBA. Follow the risk vs reward theory - grab the reward versus risk getting hurt to prevent a high pick in the draft.

On another note, Davidson is a great regional school, but every single grad always has to explain themselves. Why not go to a Wake, Emory, Stanford, or Dartmouth? No need to explain yourself with those names/brands.

perriwinkle said...

Of course he should stay! I think his family will urge him to stay in school since an education is more important than ever in today's world. I don't recall his major but he seems like a level-headed young man who will go ahead and finish his senior year; the NBA isn't going anywhere so there will be time. So Stephen, hang in there and finish your schooling!

Anonymous said...

Go, Cliff!
You were just doing what you do - talking about sports and getting people involved.

All of you are idiots anyways. This is NOT an article. This is a flippin' blog post!


Anonymous said...

With all of the job cuts at the observer, the clearly have the janitors writing articles and blog posts now.

Anonymous said...

Curry probably will stay at Davidson, and rightfully so. He loves being a student at Davidson, he even helped with Freshman Orientation this year. That's the type of person Curry is. He is a role model for student athletes nation wide. He's going to play in the NBA and make millions, but he has the whole rest of his life for that. Curry only has one more chance to play college ball,and it seems most likely that he will take advantage of this opportunity.

By the way, Davidson doesn't offer summer classes, so if he wants his degree he'll be back next year. Don't worry Curry fans.

Anonymous said...

"Explain myself?" Never had to.

The people who need to know, know.

And he can't finish in the summer. No summer classes. If you want a degree from Davidson, you have to enroll in regular classes.

My money is on stay. But it's up to him, and I thank him for what he has done for my school.

It's been enough just watching UNC Concrete fans hate hate hate.

The Glide said...

Stephen should stay because:
1. I am selfish and don't want him buried in Milwaukee....yet.
2. He grew 4-5 inches in his three years and his body is not there yet for an 81 game schedule. If you think he is tired now, wait until 81 games of 48 minutes each. If he wants to be a starter and not get pigeon holed into an "instant offense" 7th man (like his dad and World B Free)
he should stay and get used to his body. He could be a Steve Nash if he learns the trade. The pros will be "what can you do for me today" and he will get labeled.
3. He doesn't need the money now. He will make more in the long run being a starter. It is a process.
4. Think about Hansbrough not Sean May. Hansbrough will now be a better pro with an outside shot than he was a year ago. He would have gone to the pros as an undersized power forward reserve and truly gotten his brains beaten out.
5. A Davidson diploma is an acheivement. The guy above who said to finsih at UNCC must have finished at Park Road Middle School.
6. Davidson (heck the Southern Conf) should buy him a $10M insurance policy to stay. He sold out more arenas the The Grateful Dead.
7. Davidson doesn't retire numbers unless you graduate.
8. Is there some unfinished business?
There are two reason to go:
1. Short Term Money
2. And the constant advice of some stupid sportswriters.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst article I have read in a long time. If it was supposed to be funny, it missed its mark. The Observer owes an apology to Steph Curry and his parents. Appears the Observer laid off the wrong sports writer.

Anonymous said...

What a crappy list. I guess the Observer laid off their sportswriters and hired a 5 year old to make this list. No wonder I cancelled my subscription.

Ben said...

I find this article quite amusing. Some of you guys need to lighten up...

Anonymous said...

Three things Cliff will be looking for when the observer finally goes down the toilet:

mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!

Anonymous said...

Davidson doesn't offer summer classes so he can't finish his degree in the off season! Steph will stay. He chose Davidson for the right reasons and he won't leave his team mates. Why not enjoy one more year in college, have his degree then go play in the NBA - its not like the NBA is going away.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine what his senior year would be like. He sold out or set attendance records in every away game, sold out Belk ,except the NIT games. He would be on a tour like Kareem was in his last year. In addition the message sent to college players would be profound. He is a class act and whatever he does I am sure he will do it for the right reasons. I think we should all feel grateful for what we have seen and selfishly hope for more.

Anonymous said...

Get your education. If any NBA team wants Stephen, they will wait until he graduates.

A. Greene, educator

Anonymous said...


O V E R R A T E D ! ! !