Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Not All About John Wall

Five things we learned from a busy Tuesday night of hoops:

1. It's Not All About John Wall

South Carolina guard Devan Downey has operated below the national radar most of this season because the Gamecocks have been the definition of mediocre until their upset of No. 1 Kentucky Tuesday night. Downey isn't below the radar any more.

For all the understandable chatter about how good Kentucky's John Wall is, Downey was the star last night. Suddenly, he's in the mix for SEC player of the year -- Downey that is.

2. Jack It Up

If you didn't see the final few minutes of the Bobcats' overtime win at Phoenix, you missed seeing Stephen Jackson just will a tying 3-pointer in near the end of regulation. It was the kind of almost arrogant play the Bobcats have lacked through the years and a shining example of how Jackson has transformed this team. It was a big time bucket.

3. Feeling Blue ... In A Good Way

Was North Carolina's win at N.C. State a season-saver? It may be too soon to call it that but the Tar Heels' victory stopped the bleeding and eased some very worried minds around Chapel Hill.

The Tar Heels are still limited -- they could use a spot-up 3-pointer shooter to take pressure off their inside guys -- but they responded to a big moment by winning in Raleigh.

4. There's More To Come

Tonight, the Charlotte 49ers host 15th-ranked Temple at Halton Arena in a game that could go a long way toward defining the 49ers' season. A win and Charlotte is in position to make a run at the Atlantic-10 regular-season championship and a return to the NCAA tournament. It's been a while since the Niners have had a game like this one.

5. Then There's Duke

The Blue Devils are home tonight against Florida State at 9 p.m. The Seminoles may have picked a bad time to visit Durham.

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Anonymous said...

Devan Downey should be the national player of the year...he is averaging 30 ppg against SEC Opponents, and we all know as they do that he is just about all we have when it comes to a big time scorer. He is 5'9'' and fearless...if this kid doesn't get a shot at the NBA for being short then I don't think I will ever respect the NBA again...