Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Terps, twerps highlight Tuesday in sports

Here's a five-part cheat sheet to help with your sports day while wondering what 'American Idol' life will be like without Paula Abdul:

1. It's the Greivis and Gary Show

The Maryland Terrapins visit Wake Forest at 8 tonight for what could be an interesting ACC basketball game. Just watching Gary Williams work the Maryland bench is entertainment enough but the Terps have an extra bit of sauce with Greivis Vasquez (above), who's not shy. This is a big one for the Deacons, who need to protect their homecourt if they're going to be an upper-division team in the ACC.

2. Hurricane warning

The Miami Hurricanes are 15-1 but how good are they? N.C. State finds out tonight. The way things look right now, the 'Canes are probably better than the Wolfpack, which seems destined for a double-digit finish (10th to 12th) in the ACC this season.

3. The Rockets' red glare

The Houston Rockets are in town to play the surging Bobcats tonight, missing the often-injured Yao Ming. It could have been a chance for a special NBA experience -- to see Houston's Tracy McGrady unhappy despite making $23 million this season -- but he's not with the team while it tries to trade him.

4. Mark McGwire is still sorry

Wait, that may not sound quite right. He admitted Monday to using steroids during his career -- now there's a surprise -- and we can expect to hear a chorus of voices chiming in about his admission today. Barry Bonds is not expected to do any chiming in, himself.

5. Simon Cowell is back

He's reason enough to watch 'American Idol,' which returns tonight. Cowell (left) would make a great umpire.

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