Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wolfpack a surprise, Clemson should not be

Setting the table on another sports day while listening to the screaming coming from Tennessee football fans:

1. You Say Wolf …

Just when it seemed N.C. State might be down for the count in mid-January, the Wolfpack went to Florida State Tuesday night and beat the Seminoles. Maybe it doesn’t have the panache of beating Duke or North Carolina but winning is Tallahassee is tough for several reasons – the ‘Noles are pretty good and it’s a tough place to play. Nobody is putting the Pack in the NCAA tournament but freshman Scott Wood (left) turned some heads.

2. Orange alert

It won’t be a surprise if Clemson beats North Carolina tonight in Littlejohn Coliseum though many will still see it that way. The Tar Heels can be very inconsistent but have flashes when it all comes together. The same with Clemson, though the Tigers will have the advantage of a juiced up crowd. If you haven’t been to a big game at Clemson, your ears should thank you.

3. The X-factor

The Charlotte 49ers are in the other Queen City tonight and not just for some Cincinnati chili. The Niners face Xavier in an A-10 game that could be huge for them if they win. They had a chance to beat Georgia Tech at home and missed an opportunity at Tennessee (though the undermanned followed up beating Charlotte by bumping off No. 1 Kansas). If they can beat Xavier – no easy thing – it could be big in March.

4. Calling Kyle Singler

Duke hosts Boston College tonight and needs a bounce back game from Singler, who struggled in the Blue Devils’ loss at Georgia Tech on Saturday. Singler was 2-for-13 from the field against the Yellow Jackets. BC, on the other hand, has its own issues, getting off to a surprisingly slow 10-6 start.

5. Bobcats won’t win tonight

That’s because they have the next two days off before San Antonio and Phoenix roll into town for a Friday-Saturday doubleheader. It’s asking a lot but if the Bobcats win both of those games, they’d be back at .500 for the season. Impressive.


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the photo at the top of this page even means!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's pissed off UT students holding a sign.

Anonymous said...

If you dont know what it means, then you probably aren't a sports fan and need to stick to the other sections. It's quite obvious if you know Kiffin is going to USC (and was a former coach at USC) after one year at TN.

Clare Voyance said...

But why is he a Traitor? Are Tenn and So Cal big rivals or something?

Robin said...

Kiffin came from California (go home) - has only been at Tenn 14 months, The phrase "IT's TIME" was used as a part of the hype when he came to Tenn last year. He's considered a traiter to TENN folks because he left the program so soon, probably costing them a number of good recruits and setting back the program at least a year or two.