Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who wins the N.C. State-UNC game?

A five-point primer for tonight's North Carolina-N.C. State basketball game:

1. The Red Coat

Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe (above) is almost guaranteed to wear his snappy red sport coat on the sideline tonight. It’s fair to assume his counterpart, Roy Williams (right), doesn’t own a red sports coat. But considering how his Tar Heels have played recently, Williams might consider wearing one if it would help.

2. If N.C. State wins…

There will be justifiable excitement on Hillsborough Street considering the modest expectations for this Wolfpack team and the dearth of victories against the Tar Heels in recent years. Someone might actually mention the prospect of a post-season tournament appearance for the Pack.

3. If North Carolina wins

A late-night breeze will blow across the state as Tar Heel fans let loose a giant sigh of relief. The Tar Heels won the national championship 10 months ago, but it seems a distant memory.

4. Why It Matters So Much

If you don’t think there’s a difference in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina, you haven’t lived in both. It’s the same with N.C. State and North Carolina. They’re neighbors and part of the same educational system but they’re as different as Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olberman.

5. Who Wins?

North Carolina 71, N.C. State 67


Anonymous said...

Without Davis, I don't see UNC beating a State team that has this much to prove and is still angry from it's lose to Maryland. Of course, I wouldn't expect any other prediction form the Observer.

Anonymous said...

I am a Carolina fan and have to say that it is probably going to be a close game, like this prediction suggests. Obviously, there is a big advantage for State because they are playing at home. Carolina is looking to become the last team in the ACC to get a true road victory. With that being said, I still think Carolina will pull it out in a close one. We cannot overlook the fact that Carolina has not played since Wednesday...giving them more time to rest and strategize. Should be a good game.

Best of luck to both teams.

Anonymous said...

Been following The Heels since 1971. I see very little chance for victory tonight. State appears to be the better team. They have certainly looked like they want it more than Carolina.

heelinclt said...

Carolina hasn't played like they "wanted it" for the better part of the season! Unless they woke up over the last 5 days, I expect nothing more than what we've been seeing. Someone eventually has to grow a set and light some fire in this team.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:52: You call yourself a Tar Heel fan? Please exit the bandwagon. We don't need you, but thanks for the support when times were good.... Pathetic...

Go Pack! said...

Im a PACK fan and alum (many UNC fans aren't alums - DIG!). I see UNC waking up tonight and running like they did against Texas and MSU. 1W - 1L. It's a confidence issue rather than talent with UNC. It's a talent issue vs. confidence with NCSU.

Confidence can be affected - turned on and off.

Talent - you either have it or your don't. If Roy is half of what the world thinks he is, this should be an easy one.

UNC 81 Pack 72

Hope I'm wrong. Just part of knowing what to expect with NCSU. State has already won on some small scale bc the snobs are actually scared to play us.

Go Pack!

Anonymous said...

Snobs can only exist when others know they are inferior.

Go 49ers!

Tom said...

pretty hilarious comments overall. 1 UNC fan kicking another off the bandwagon b/c he is predicting a loss.....thats not being pathetic, its called being a realist. Home court + confidence= a win 95% of the time

And apparently its a rule that if you start cheering for a team as a child, you MUST attend that university,regardless of what you're studying, or you have to drop all allegiance to your favorite sports team, or else you will be made fun of by bitter fans of other teams. Smart.

And yes I agree, the Pack have already won on a small scale b/c a team picked to win the ACC I believe is terrified of a team picked to finish in the bottom fourth.

It's just another crazy ACC basketball season, which is what makes it so much fun, no matter who you cheer for.

Anonymous said...

"go 49ers" = inferior.

Guess we would all be snobs to you.

I'm sure "49er" nation is in quite a pickle. Their bball team is actually better than UNC. Who to pull for now is the real question???? Just remember Micheal Jordan and Nike vs. commuter school wannabe's. Stick with what's cool man.

Anonymous said...

The 49ers are irrelevant. The are in the Atlantic 10 which makes them irrelevant to the rest of the nation.

DG said...

The A-10 has more top 50 RPI teams than the ACC.

I wouldn't say that league is irrelevant.