Thursday, January 7, 2010

Texas-Alabama: Worth the wait?

All rise for tonight's long-awaited (too long?) national championship game between Mack Brown's Texas Longhorns and the supposedly more talented Alabama Crimson Tide.

Five things to start your sports day while waiting to hear ‘The Eyes of Texas’ tonight (8 p.m., WSOC-TV channel 9):

1. It still doesn’t justify the BCS

Roughly five weeks after their last game, Texas and Alabama play for college football’s so-called national championship tonight, though the good people of Boise no doubt will argue the point.

Add these complaints to the BCS format:
  • It takes too long to get to the national championship. Five weeks? That’s longer that pre-season practice.
  • By spreading the major bowls out over several days, they lost their bang. Was that the Orange Bowl Tuesday night?
2. Say it’s Knotts so

The news that Tom Knotts is leaving Independence High for Dutch Fork High near Columbia has the impact of a sledgehammer on high school football in this area. You can’t blame Knotts for going someplace where he can make more money and he sounds like a man thrilled at the prospect of moving.

It’s the end of an era here, no doubt.

The good news is by moving south, Knotts can still wear shorts on the sideline all season. But he and his shorts are outta here.

3. Start spreading the news

The Bobcats are in New York tonight to face the Knicks. OK, so it doesn’t get back-page treatment in the tabloids like a visit from LeBron or Kobe might -- Gerald Wallace (right) is about as close as Charlotte can come -- but the Bobcats have won three in a row and with a six-game homestand looming, they’re on a nice roll. Did someone say playoffs?

4. What cold? It’s golf season

The 2010 PGA Tour season begins today in Kapalua, where there’s no chance of snow flurries and the wind chill factor may make it feel like the temperature is in the upper 70s. Tough life.

Twenty-eight winners from 2009 are in the field this week. Tiger Woods, you may have heard, is not one of them. But hey, Jeff Ogilvy (putting, above) is there.

5. It’s 34 days until the first Duke-North Carolina men’s basketball game this season.

We'll let you write your own caption on this one.

-- Ron Green Jr.

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